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Our emerging technology group continuously tracks the trends of early stage technologies and creates pilot solutions to ensure adaptability with client's business. This enables our clients to realize the solutions faster and create competitive edge in the market.

VLSI Design

Analog and RF mixed signal design, Synthesis, DFT and test, Verification (simulation and formal), Design for manufacturability and yield, Power analysis and low-power design, Thermal analysis and temperature aware design, Physical design, packaging and board design, technology CAD, CMOS sensors and MEMS, nanoscale computing and nano-electronics, High performance computing, Multi-core and parallel architectures, Networks-on-chip, FPGA-based design.

We provide you to get the advantage of future thinking-along with the advantage of being taken the rest of the way.

Our main principles are to:

  • Focus on client relationship
  • Clearly define the role
  • Visualize the success
  • Consider clients decision